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Strengthening artists and cultural actors’ capacities for social cohesion and transformative change.

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Photography and visual literacy for active citizenship” provides students with knowledge, skills and experiences to develop visual literacy and promote the role that it plays in democratic and sustainable societies. Through the inclusion of photojournalism and visual literacy workshops in extracurricular education at Makerere University in Uganda, students in media and journalism and general student population on the campus could develop research and photographic techniques, critical thinking, openness and respect to different cultures. They were involved in the local cultural ecosystem as active participants who could envisage the professional opportunities that the initiative brought, in a project intended to address the underdevelopment of visual literacy in the university curriculums in Uganda as well.

“Culture en partage: lieux sûrs en Afrique” boosted secondary and high-schools educational capacities in music, theatre, literature, story-telling and heritage, promoting intercultural mixing for social cohesion and transborder peaceful relations, as well as fostering the sharing of cultures and knowledge between culturally diverse communities and different groups of populations, including marginalized minorities, populations from different national cultures and identities, women and the youth.

Culture en partage: lieux sûrs en Afrique

Targeting especially the youth and vulnerable populations from excluded and marginalized neighbourhoods, the “Génération Positiv” initiative aimed at strengthening local cultural spaces and actors across the city as a lever for social cohesion and intercultural dialogue through culture and the arts. The project offered 60 workshops engaging 63 young people to develop cultural and creative practices and the reforming of a gathering space, the “Cogito”.

Génération Positiv

PenPen Africa” offered a cross-cultural residency programme in Abuja and Nairobi for writers that fosters social cohesion among African writing communities by deepening the diversity of cultures existing in Africa. Through intense series of workshops, seminars, interactive sessions, creative writing assessments and group tasks, the 12 selected writers (6 women and 6 men) from west and central Africa were empowered to actively contribute literary works enhancing their respective tangible and intangible cultural heritage.

Les Pinceaux de l’intégration” “brings artists at the core of urban life, across the borders of Burkina Faso and Mali, to conquer public cultural spaces for youth. With artistic residencies, a caravan and an international workshop, the project enables young African artists to ensure their own artistic and social development, and has strengthened the role of culture as a vector for peace, contributing to the opening of borders between the two sister countries, which for some years now have been facing an unprecedented security crisis, having their borders fallen prey to armed bandits, jihadist groups and conflicts with diverse backgrounds

Les Pinceaux de l’intégration

Kyrielle, 2e Expérience Nouvelle d’Assistance aux plasticiens pour leur ascension via le multimédia et l’Internet aims at promoting local culture and artistic creation, as well as enhancing its access for the local populations, and appropriation by the communities, while looking at boosting the local economic development of the targeted sectors and creators. In order to do so, 30 young plastic and visual artists were identified by the leading association which carried out the project to receive adequate trainings and practice their creation with the aim of strengthening their technical skills in the field of art photography, photo editing, art video and video editing.

Kyrielle, 2e Expérience Nouvelle d’Assistance aux plasticiens pour leur ascension via le multimédia et l’Internet